Welcome to Mrs. Diehl's class!

"We are each unique and beautiful,
but together we are a masterpiece!"


As we navigate through these unfamiliar times, please know I am here to help in any way I can.  

Important notes:
1. Listed in the "files and documents" section on the left of this class page, you will find my weekly optional tasks outline and the weekly grade level instructional schoolhouse plans. Please feel free to select tasks from either document.
2. I have uploaded additional websites (Seesaw, Clever, etc.) and resources for review/practice under "Useful Links" and "Files/Documents" on the left side of this webpage. 
3. The office of special education has also provided home resources on this page: Office of Special Education At Home Resources
4. Please make sure your child is using Seesaw.com to complete optional tasks that I posted or share his/her work. 

Please feel free to email me and I will periodically send an email to check in with you and your family.  Thank you!


 Our Class Mission:
We will try new things, use our social smarts, and be respectful to others.

Our Class Vision:  
We are super flexible thinkers who care about others.  

Class newsletter and homework:
The class newsletter will be sent home weekly in your child's daily notes binder and uploaded to my class page.  Homework assignments will be listed in the class newsletter. As a part of reading homework, students will be completing the 30 book challenge at home to explore different reading genres.  

Social Skills and Self-regulation:

Students will be busy learning about social thinking concepts and self-regulation strategies this year. They will be learning the Superflex social skills curriculum, Zones of Regulation and Whole Body Listening concepts.  Please refer to the "spotlight on social skills" section in the weekly class newsletter to get a glimpse of what skills your child is learning! 

How does IBPYP look in our classroom?
In our classroom, students enjoy learning about the world around them and being inquirers.  We follow grade level unit planners and work closely with our general education classrooms.  Students learn about the IBPYP learner profile and attitudes and often use the language in various settings through out the day (example: ___ was being caring by helping me in lunch). Students enjoy creating "I see, I think, I wonder" statements, participating in hand-on inquiry activities, creating projects, and researching about their "I wonder" questions.  We enjoy using "News 2 You" adapted online newspaper to explore current events and news from the world.  Transdisciplinary skills 
(thinking, social, communication, self-management, and research) are taught and practiced through out the day to help students become balanced learners who can generalize skills outside of school.