Welcome to First Grade!!

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About Miss Spain

This is my thirteenth year teaching at Buckland Mills Elementary and my second year teaching first grade.  I am looking forward to exploring the world of first grade with you.  I grew up in this area and have seen many changes.

There are lots of things I like besides teaching.  In my spare time I like to read comics/graphic novels, draw, paint, color and play video games.  One of my favorite video games is Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  It was the first video game I played when I was in elementary school and I still enjoy playing it today.  I am also a fan of Pokemon, especially Pikachu and have played the original games (I cannot keep up with the new ones).   I am also a fan of Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed games.  I have been a fan of dinosaurs since I was in kindergarten so one of my favorite movies is "Jurassic Park".  I also like Disney, Pixar, Star Trek and Star Wars.

I do not have any human children, but I do have several pets that I treat and spoil like people.  My first pet, Sokka, is a chinchilla who recently turned 14 years old.  You will hear a lot about him when we write small moment stories.  I refer to him as my "grumpy old man" because sometimes he acts grumpy.  I also have two more chinchillas that are half brothers named Spike and Totoro.  Spike is 9 years old and Totoro is 8.  They like to play and chase each other around their cage.  All three chinchillas love to eat basil leaves, mint and plain cheerios.  My final pet is Jasmine, who I adopted two summers ago.  She is my first dog and is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  Jasmine is part dachshund, russell terrier and chihuahua.   You will hear a lot about her in my stories too.  Jasmine just turned 8 in August, so she is the same age as you and is ready for first grade!  Maybe she or one of the chinchillas will join some of our lessons.  I love hearing about my students' pets or experiences playing with animals so I look forward to reading your stories this year.


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Daily Schedule

9:20-9:30  Announcements

9:30-11:09 Language Arts

11:09-11:39   Lunch

11:39-12:00  Language Arts

12:00-12:20 Recess

12:20-2:00  Math

2:00-2:45  Encore

2:45-3:00  Snack

3:00-3:30  Social Studies/Science

3:30-3:40  Pack-up

3:45  Dismissal

Encore Schedule

Red Day 1  Music

Red Day 2  PE

Red Day 3  Library

Red Day 4  Art

Red Day 5  PE

Blue Day 1  Music

Blue Day 2  PE

Blue Day 3  Guidance

Blue  Day 4  Art

Blue Day 5  PE