Lion's face in the day

Dear Pride Families,

Please know that I hope this update finds everyone healthy and happy. As we navigate these uncharted waters be assured that I am here to answer questions and make attempts to support our littles at home.  If you need anything, reach out via email. I will check my email regularly.  Below are a few items I thought would be helpful as you focus on creating a learning environment at home. 

Language Arts:

All their Raz-Kids accounts have recently been updated.  I encourage them to read a variety of books, both fiction and nonfiction, and take the quizzes after reading the book to check their comprehension.  Afterward, encourage them to listen to the story. Consider checking in with them while they are visiting the site. I recommend no more that two 15-minute sessions a day.  The children tend to rush through stories if they are on the site for extended amounts of time and the quiz scores are not always reflective of their comprehension of the text read. I assigned some books to each child that may relate more specifically to units we have studied.  The assignments are optional. 

Have your child write a paragraph retelling what they learned from a book, or retell what happened in a story.  They could also write a letter to a family member or friend to practice great writing skills.  To review Famous Americans, they could write an informational paragraph about interesting information they learned. Keeping a journal while away from school is also another option.  As always, encourage them to write detailed, complete sentences with capital letters, correct punctuation, and proper spelling.


Please visit IXL for math practice and review.  I made updates to reflect units we have covered thus far and added a few in preparations for the coming weeks. In addition, identifying and counting money, telling time and review of math facts is always recommended. 

Social Studies:

We recently got a 30 trial to an online resource called Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next.  The students have used it in class and love it! It is a great resource to help them review and finish learning about famous Americans and their contributions to change.  Both sites have the same username and password: Username is linkearth, and the password is lovetoread.  Once you get in, click on biographies and look for any of the names listed below.  The children should understand each person's contribution to change and the main highlights of their lives.

We are studying: Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Helen Keller 

Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver and Cesar Chavez.


Pebble Go and Pebble Next are also fantastic to use as a review of ecosystems.  Additionally, it has information about many other topics the kids will enjoy.

Please give my littles a big hug for me and let them know I miss them terribly. 

Take care Pride Families!



Dear Perry Pride Families,

Welcome to The Perry Pride!  We will enjoy a delightful learning adventure that will expand our minds, broaden our hearts, and make the world a bit more beautiful! 


I am honored to teach at Buckland Mills Elementary School as I embark upon my 25th year of teaching. It is a pleasure to serve at such an extraordinary IBPYP school with such amazing students, families, colleagues and an exemplary administration. 


Thank you for sharing your child with me as I can ensure you that this will be a special and rewarding year.  The following information will help you become more familiar with our schedule.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call the school, My email address Mrs. Perry's Email. Buckland Mills Elementary School’s phone number 703-530-1560.


We share a common goal of providing a happy and rewarding learning experience for your child.  The more we communicate the more likely this goal will be achieved.  Be sure to check out our class page for our weekly Second Grade Newsletter. You will find special events that are going on and activities that are of interest in the classroom and school.


Each day, your child will bring home their communication folder and agenda with homework assignments, study materials, PYP Inquiry notebooks, information about your child’s week and additional school-related information.  Both are required each day at school with all necessary items to ensure academic success.  Please take a moment each evening to initial your child’s agenda indicating you reviewed all items.


Water bottles are encouraged but must have a top that can be sealed to avoid “flooding”! 😊 


Let’s work together to make this a meaningful and rewarding year.  Once again, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.                                            Warmest regards,
Nicole Perry

      The Perry Pride… always striving
   “To Be the Best We Can Be!”

      As a school family, the Perry Pride is caring, respectful, helpful and kind

The Perry Pride family will be confident, balanced and principled in our quest to inquire by honoring ourselves and others respectfully.