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Online project links for students to work on can be found in- Files and Documents.  Please use the PowerPoint to gather background information.  The rubric can be downloaded and then sent to my email for my feedback.  Right click on the hyperlinks and choose go to link.     

Welcome to the SIGNET classroom!

The gifted program at Buckland Mills Elementary offers gifted education services for students  who have been determined eligible in a specific academic aptitude area or areas. The curriculum is designed to expand and extend the classroom curriculum while encouraging exploration in areas of interest. Additionally, the gifted resource teacher collaborates with the regular classroom teacher to plan strategies for differentiation of instruction.

Grade 4- Meets on Wednesday for a full day
Grade 5- Meets on Tuesday for a full day

Our SIGNET unit of study of inquiry is called Demos 4 Change: Examining the past to build our future!  It is designed to meet the needs of high ability learners, and provides extensions and challenges that go beyond the 4th and 5th grade SOL objectives. Inquiry- Based Learning follows our natural instinct and inclination to explore, create, and learn by doing. Our focus questions that will help guide our discoveries are:

What are the contributions from ancient Greece?

How do these contributions impact our lives?

What processes do we use to build understanding and apply knowledge to make changes in our lives based on student interests and passions?

How and why we use the past to learn, share information, and to inspire new learning and growth? 

The SIGNET class is broken into two main learning periods, each with a specific set of goals:

Learning Centers: These centers are divided into as many as four levels of difficulty. There are many different areas of exploration. Students make decisions by choosing individual topics of interest and are guided through independent study with the use of learning contracts. Center time is a major part of the students' SIGNET time. It provides time for work in a chosen area of interest while experiencing various disciplines.

Inquiry-Based Learning: This portion of the day is devoted to explore authentic, real world events and ideas. Our work will focus and incorporate 21st century skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creative innovation. All topics that are included in our work align with state and county standards of study.

Gifted  Mission Statement:
In collaboration with teachers, parents, and the community, all students will be challenged to achieve academic success, personal excellence, and become life long learners.

Gifted Vision Statement:
Every learner will strive to meet their individual potential.