All About Mrs. Hardt 

Hello everyone!  My name is Amy Hardt.  I am the gifted resource teacher and IB Coordinator at Buckland Mills Elementary.  When I am not teaching, I love to spend time doing yoga, kayaking, hiking, skiing, to name a few.  I am mostly all about  enjoying life with family, friends, and my labradoodle, Luna.  My husband and I have two children.  Our daughter, Taylor, 25, is out on her own.  She works with a government contracting group that provides online structures for the educational programs designed by the US Marines.  Our son, Jacob, 21, is working on his Engineering Degree at George Mason University.  My husband, Steve and I are enjoying our new found freedom and are taking full advantage of being mostly just the two of us again (well three, since Luna is with us too)!

Picture of Amy Hardt

Mrs. Hardt’s Teaching Journey 

I started out teaching 6th grade in Fairfax County.  I took a small break when my kids were little, before I began teaching for PWCS.  I began teaching in Prince William in 2001 and have spent time as a 5th grade teacher and as a Science Lab teacher, before entering the gifted world.  I opened Buckland Mills Elementary in 2006 and taught 5th grade for quite a few years.  I am thrilled that I returned in 2017, as a gifted teacher and the IB coordinator.  These roles provide so much growth and opportunities working with students, staff, and the whole learning community within BMES.  I am currently working on my Administration Certificate with the PWCS Graduate Cohort at James Madison University.  I love learning and growing!  


Welcome to the SIGNET classroom!


The gifted program at Buckland Mills Elementary offers gifted education services for students  who have been determined eligible in a specific academic aptitude area or areas. The curriculum is designed to expand and extend the classroom curriculum while encouraging exploration in areas of interest. Additionally, the gifted resource teacher collaborates with the regular classroom teacher to plan strategies for differentiation of instruction.

Grade 4- Meets on Wednesday
Grade 5- Meets on Tuesday

Our SIGNET unit of inquiry is called The Big 5!  It is designed to meet the needs of high ability learners, and provides extensions and challenges that go beyond the 4th and 5th grade SOL objectives. Inquiry- Based Learning follows our natural instinct and inclination to explore, create, and learn by doing.

Gifted  Mission Statement:
In collaboration with teachers, parents, and the community, all students will be challenged to achieve academic success, personal excellence, and become life long learners.

Gifted Vision Statement:
Every learner will strive to meet their individual potential.