The Mystery of the Mosaic 
written by Harper Paris
Reviewed by Brianna B. 

A mystery set in Venice, Italy. A red-haired man has stolen Mr. Antonio's gondola. Can Eall and Ethan solve the crime before their mom and dad get back to the hotel? 

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great!
written by Bob Shea
reviewed by Addison

A picture book fantasy. Unicorn is taking the spotlight away from goat. 

Fenway and Hattie
written by Victoria J. Coe
reviewed by Ian (4 Stars)
Fenway and his human move to a new neighborhood. The problems start when Hattie gets a baseball glove after they move. This book is recommended for those who like dogs and want something entertaining.

Key Hunters: The Mysterious Moonstones
written by Eric Luper
reviewed by Brianna S. (5 stars)
Evan and Cleo are trying to find the key in the library but Mrs. Crowley doesn't want them to find it.

Serafina and the Black Cloak
written by Robert Beatty
reviewed by Emma F.
There is a man at the Biltmore Estate who is making children disappear.

The Secret of Dreadwillow Carse
written by Brian Farrey
reviewed by Ulrika
In this fantasy Jeniah's mother, Queen Sula is dying and Jeniah still doesn't know how to be queen. She has to investigate an ancient mystery without ever setting foot in it. How can she learn to be queen and investigate dreadwillow carse at the same time?

Ruby Lee and Me
written by Shannon Hitchcock
reviewed by Sana
This historical fiction story is about Sarah Beth and Ruby Lee who are twelve. Sarah is responsible for Robin's accident. Will she confess. Integration has just started. Will Sarah stay friends with Ruby Lee who is African American? This book is recommended for those who like sad books.

Save Me a Seat
written by Sarah Weeks
reviewed by Brooke P.
Ravi is trying to fit in at Einstein Elementary while Joe has disabilities.