Here are examples of how we work hard in every class!

               Art:                                                  Strings:                                       
painting of fish by Jonathan Rumple  students playing string instruments    kids holding a rope attached to a scooter  

                 Library:                                        Music:                                                                                                 
children standing in front of a book shelf holding certificates      students ringing chimes     


girl with computer screen of career game     spanish

circle with parts labeled   student made graph of flower growth    girl with coins on a computer screen

student made poster with sound and light waves    two boys outside looking at a hiking gps    student drawings of forests under heading human impact on ecosystems

Social Studies: 
student drawing and story of Martin Luther King, Jr.girl with George Washington on computer screen  teacher and student wearing flag shirts

teachers dressed as Pete the Cat and Ms. Viola Swamp    venn diagram comparing Holes book     teacher in a pigeon costume with a student holding a book