Buckland Mills Elementary School

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  • Laptop Insurance

    We encourage our parents to purchase the optional laptop insurance for their child's school laptop. It is $32.95 and will cover accident damage, lost, theft and perils. You have 30 Days after receiving your child’s device to sign up for this.

    Go to https://securranty.com/pwcs to purchase your insurance.


    Cost without Insurance (will be charged to student’s account):

    Device replacement - $499

    Power adapter replacement - $63

    Replace missing keys - $151.50

    Power Cord replacement - $12.99

    Sleeve replacement - $14.99



    The parent/guardian/student is responsible for any cost to replace your device if:

    • Not returned
    • Intentionally damaged
    • Lost or damaged due to negligence
    • Stolen. A report must be filed with the School Security Office the next school day.