Prince William County Public Schools has negotiated a group policy discount with Securranty for Students/Parents to purchase insurance for devices issued to students.

A one-time payment for Unlimited Peace of Mind for 1 Year (12 months).

  • No additional fees or charges.
  • Insurance must be purchased within 30 days of the start of the insurance program and before any failure, damage or loss occurs to the device.

Purchase Online by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or tablet or click on the link below and pay with a
Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal or a Personal check.

Have Questions? Need Help? Call Us 24 Hours/ 7 Days a Week
Call Us 24x7 832-304-2015 |

If you need to file a claim, please take your device to the school or contact
the IT department for assistance.

Cost without Insurance (will be charged to student’s account):

Device replacement - $499

Power adapter replacement - $63

Replace missing keys - $151.50

Power Cord replacement - $12.99

Sleeve replacement - $14.99


The parent/guardian/student is responsible for any cost to replace your device if:

  • Not returned
  • Intentionally damaged
  • Lost or damaged due to negligence
  • Stolen. A report must be filed with the School Security Office the next school day

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