2021 Summer Reading at BMES

Summer Reading

Why Should Students Read During the Summer? 

The purpose of the PWCS Summer Reading Program is to encourage students to enjoy quality literature and to continue developing their independent reading skills. Students:

  • Build their vocabulary
  • Develop their reading skills
  • Enjoy new stories
  • Learn new information

What Are the Requirements?

This is a voluntary program. Students who participate complete a minimum number of readings:

Grades K–2, read 5 books
Grades 3–5, read 3 books
Grades 6–12, read 2 books

How Do Students Document Their Reading?

Summer is a great time for students to read for pleasure and dive deep into their favorite genre or experience something new. Providing students with choice in what they read increases their reading motivation and engagement. You are free to capture your child’s reading log by recording the title, author, and date read.  

2021 Suggested Reading List can be found at PWCS website for each grade level.

Students May Use the Prince William Public Library Summer Reading Programs:

Students who participate in the Prince William Public Library may use the documentation provided by the library. However, students should read the number of books that has been designated for their grade level.