The Buckland Mills Elementary School community is committed to academic excellence. We believe that the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program is the model that will support our goal to guide students in becoming lifelong learners, critical and compassionate thinkers and responsible citizens of our country and world.

wildcat mascot putting hand on his heart, wearing a boosterthon t-shirt while a boy and girl hold the american flag

As an IBPYP school, we teach and learn through inquiry. Our students construct meaning and talk about their thinking while exploring new concepts. We believe that students need to be engaged in their learning and must be given multiple opportunities to explore and show their knowledge.

boombox photo with sticky note asking who invented this speaker?


Our students share their learning through a variety of products as well as traditional methods of assessment. We share expectations through the use of rubrics and provide specific feedback. These open-ended opportunities for demonstrating mastery of standards-based education encourage creativity and diversity. Student learning also includes self awareness and a responsibility to recognize our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. The Learner Profiles coupled with the Attitudes are essential to these understandings.

Currently, our students are beginning to speak Spanish, and they are learning to value other cultures. We are learning about other perspectives and traditions.

student made poster about Peru

We are embracing and responding to the needs of our community and world. Every year we provide coats to those in need through our Coats from Caring Wildcats Program. We also collect canned goods to fill the shelves of our local food bank and used glasses to help people see.

bags of cans of food paper turkey and more donated food more tubs of donated food

many pairs of glasses

Learning to practice empathy and thankfulness, our 2nd grade students sang and signed a heartwarming Thank you Message to our service men and women stationed overseas during the holiday season with our music teacher, Mrs. Hubbell. We have received recognition from various branches of the U.S. military.

certificate from U.S. Air Force recognizing 2nd grade music video

recognition from U.S. military in Afghanistan for 2nd grade music video

With every new opportunity that arises, we challenge ourselves to reach beyond our community to create a positive impact on our world.